PowerBuilder Developer

Who is PowerBuilder Developer ?

PowerBuilder Developer
We will give you the following arguments to show you our skills.PowerBuilder Developer is a group of developers under PowerBuilder. Each developer is strong of 10 years of experience at least.

Application developed under PowerBuilder

Applications that we have developed in PowerBuilder are various, but we can mentioned, among others:

  • ERP : Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Accounting ;
    • Warehouse management ;
    • Payroll ;
    • ...
  • Restaurant Catering Software ;
  • Hotel Management ;
  • Asset Management.

Technology uses with PowerBuilder

The above-mentioned applications have been developed with PowerBuilder using PFC libraries (PowerBuilder Foundation Classes), dll files from Windows, using OLE to interact with various applications running on Windows and other proprietary technologies used for PowerBuilder .

Interaction with Databases

Applications also used Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Databases that have been used are :
  • Sybase Anywhere ;
  • Oracle ;
  • MySql ;
  • MS SqlServer.

Use of applicaiton servers with PowerBuilder

We have made developments of EAServer application under PowerBuilder. We also migrate to EAServer applications developed in PowerBuilder for being available on the web.

Our current project is the migration of our ERP to the DotNet technology. In fact, this feature is now possible with the advent of PowerBuilder 12. We ended the test periods, and we plan to use the Microsoft IIS server to host our applications (applications itself, but also that webservice will have to be developed).

Some videos who talk about PowerBuilder

This is an video who talk about what is PowerBuilder and why using it.

You can also find some description of PowerBuilder here.

In view of what has been mentioned above, we can say that PowerBuilder Developer is an expert in the application development under PowerBuilder and is waiting for new projects to show you the extent of their talents. So contact us now by clicking the link below.

Low cost development with PowerBuilder Developer

PowerBuilder Developer low cost
We offer you the best prices for your project of development under PowerBuilder.

Only 77 € per month, we can develop applications in PowerBuilder for you. We give you with this price our very thorough expertise in the world of application development in general, and especially in the PowerBuilder application development in particular. 

Separate application development in PowerBuilder, we can also maintain your applications (optimize, fix bugs, add new features, …) for only 77 € per month.

In addition to the unbeatable price, we offer one month of free development. This month of development is intended for testing, in other words for one month you can test our developers without having to pay anything.